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The Leading Wood Trading Company

FloorLaBs is a leading player in the Flooring and Wood Products Business, located in Izmir, Turkey. Floorlab is a brand of Egeçam Forestry company who established in 2002. We have sale points over 3 continents and exports to more than 20 countries and continue to increase our exports to different countries.

We are offering laminate flooring, three-layer pre-finished and multi-layer pre-finished parquet, decking and cladding, cork underlayment, all kinds of skirting, profiles, underlays and other materials for laying flooring.

In addition to flooring products we have production of MDF, High Gloss panels, and Doors


Our products from the best expertise manufacturers are in Europe and Turkey. We have production in Turkey's first MDF, MDFlam and Laminate Flooring manufacturer on a total area of ​​300,000 m2 including 90,000 m2 closed plant in the ditch. Our production company has 9 quality and production system certificates are which have international validity. As Floorlab we are working with a strong technological infrastructure in its large capacity production facilities and contributes to the development of industry with its qualified production lines:

· 4 Laminate Flooring Line,

· 2 MDF Production Line,

· 2 Impregnation Line,

· 4 Coating Press, Chemical Plant.

As FloorLaBs, one of our main principles in production is to offer the best price-benefit combination to our customers with the extensive range of product portfolio.


In 2019, FloorLaBs recorded significant growth in terms of turnover and number of production compared to the previous year. Our aim is to continue its growth by taking a more active role in the few countries by 2020.

Contact with us for any kind of need. We have all your needs and we are always ONE STEP AHEAD.

Laminate Flooring - Parquet – Cork – Thermowood Deck & Cladding – Doors – MDF – Highgloss Panels – Sealants&Adhesives.



In production facilities where use innovative technologies, we produce special collections of flooring in numerous colors and designs. Our flooring; It does not contain PVC, PCB, Dioxin and any other environmentally harmful substances. We use E1 glue in HDF production which is used in parquet production. Our products; hygienic, convenient, easy to clean, resistant to pressure, scratches, impacts, ultraviolet rays and household chemicals.


Our Laminate Flooring products are divided into two classes according to their surface wear values:

- Flooring AC3 31st grade products used in high and low density indoor areas: “Abrasion Resistance (AC3): 23rd grade-31st grade >= ’3f 2500 EN 13329”

- Flooring AC4 32nd Grade products used for medium density workplaces and living spaces: “Abrasion Resistance (AC4): 32nd grade >= ’3f 4000 EN 13329 EN 13329”

Manufacturing HDF Features

Volume : 850-900 kg /m3 EN 323

Elasticity module : 3500 N /mm2 EN 310

Surface porosity : 25 cm 24 hour inflatable : >13 EN 317

Tensile strength: min. 1.6 N/mm2 EN 319

Flexural strength: min 40 N/mm2 EN 310

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